One Morning

created and directed by Rodrigo Blaas
Premiering October 2017
Premiering October 2017

An animated Light Field VR experience

One Morning is an animated Light Field short by award-winning director Rodrigo Blaas and El Guiri Productions. It is a casual encounter with a robot bird in the middle of the wilderness.

The Experience

Created with Lytro Volume Tracer (Lytro VT), One Morning is the first Light Field animated VR experience with high fidelity and immersion. 

“With Lytro VT, One Morning has a very rich and detailed quality in VR, which is really mind-blowing. Once you put the headset on and experience it, you don’t want to go back. It’s a new reality.” - Rodrigo Blaas

Lytro Volume Tracer

Lytro Volume Tracer (Lytro VT) is a Light Field rendering solution for CG content, delivering the highest fidelity, most immersive playback experience for mixed reality. With Lytro VT, multiple virtual cameras are placed within a view volume of an existing 3D scene. Each individual pixel in these 2D renders provide sample information for tracing the light rays in the scene, enabling a complete Light Field volume for playback.